Like all major Internet sites and Internet portals, is constantly a target of so-called hacker attacks. It is always tried to get to the data of our customers or manipulate them. So far, we have been able to successfully defend such attacks.

Unfortunately, we had to realize, however, that unauthorized access to the customer account was achieved with a few customers. Probably unsafe passwords were used, which could easily be hacked by hackers.

To ensure the security of the data and passwords, we have decided to introduce additional security measures. However, in order for these security measures to take effect, it is imperative that you create a new password: Create a new password

Basic information on password security:

Please use always different passwords for every application! Do not use the same password for your e-mail account and for different Internet portals.

Do not use exclusively names or words for your password. These can be determined automatically - even with additions such as "123" or punctuation marks at the beginning or end - within a very short time.

For further information on the subject, see e.g. In this article: A Guide To Better Password Practices

In the interest of the security of your data, we ask you to change your password in a timely manner!